Highlights of 2022-2023

Career Event 

This year, we organised our very first career event. It was a pleasure to have so many organisations and alumni of the Master's programme joining the event on behalf of their current employers. We had a total of 17 organisations represented with 11 being represented by alumni. Our students gained a lot of guidance and inspiration from speaking to alumni that were in their shoes not too long ago! Additionally, there were also several breakout rooms where atendees were able to listen to a talk on wind power, gain insight from an alumni Q&A panel, and also participate in very informative workshop on navigating sustainability in the job search

Excursion to the European Parliament in Brussels

In collaboration with Leiden University Green Office, we had an exciting excursion to the European Parliament in December. 

At first we were given an interesting introduction held by an EP employee, after which we were able to visit the Hemicycle while an event was in session, which made our excursion even more exciting. Afterwards, we had an engaging and interesting Q&A session with two APA's working for MEP's of the Greens and S&D. A lot of questions regarding the inner workings of the European Parliament were asked as well as which sustainability topics the APA's are working on, it was a great opportunity to learn for us all!

Some other highlights from the year: