About us


GOSSA is the study association of the MSc Governance of Sustainability at Leiden University in The Hague. A group of ambitious Governance of Sustainability students founded the study association in autumn 2020 with the goal to bring the group of GofS students closer together through social, academic, and career events. 

The purpose of GOSSA is to: 

GOSSA Board IV (2023-2024)

Introducing our board for the 2023-24 academic year! We are very eager to build on the efforts and ideas of previous boards as well as implement new ideas and traditions. Our goal as a board is to give our members the space to develop themselves both proffessionally and personally. We are looking forward to arranging exciting activities to (re)discover The Hague and the Netherlands and to creating a close-knit GofS community.


Kamilė Bulavaitė (Treasurer), Jenny Ho (Communications Manager), Willemijn Hoge (Events Manager)

Esther Fütterer (Events Manager), Miranda Danckwerts (Chair), Anastasia Kolchina (Secretary)

Culinary Committee

Samira Benacchio, Celia Fernandez, Maureen Smith

Social Committee

Robbe Stout, Aoife McGeough, Alessandra Sallier de la Tour

GOSSA Board III (2022-2023)

Elvire Alexandrowicz (Chair), Michel Baganz (Treasurer), Sai Sanjith (Treasurer), Inga Franke (Secretary), Anastasia Kolchina (Secretary), Marialena Stagianni (Academic Coordinator), Miranda Danckwerts (Social Events Coordinator), Esther Fütterer (Communications Manager), Samira Benacchio (Communications Manager)

GOSSA Board II (2021-2022)

 Annemiek de Looze (Chair), Lotte van Rossum (Treasurer), Sander ten Caat (Secretary), Inga Franke (Academic/Career Coordinator), Sai Sanjith (Social Events Manager), Elvire Alexandrowicz (Communications Manager) 

GOSSA Board I (2020-2021)

Lotte van Rossum (Treasurer), Sander ten Caat (Secretary)Annemiek de Looze (Chair)