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Excursion to the European Parliament in Brussels

Have you ever wondered what exactly is happening at the European Parliament (EP)?

Do you want to know about the process of lawmaking regarding environmental topics on the EU level?

Are you interested in learning more about environmental policies, the EP and its members?

Then join us on our excursion to the European Parliament on Friday, 02.12.2022!

What is the excursion about?

GOSSA and LUGO will organize together an excursion to the EP in Brussels. There, we want to learn more about how the EP works, get a behind-the-scene look into the processes and simply experience the place where crucial environmental policies such as the European Green Deal have been shaped. During our visit, we will get a general presentation on roles and power in the Parliament, have the chance to ask questions during a Q&A session and explore the Hemicycle. Besides that, we are aiming to organize a meeting with an actual Member of the Parliament (MEP) working on environmental topics to talk and discuss more in depth about climate policy and legislation, for instance about the status of the reform of the ETS. Once we have a talk with a MEP confirmed, we will provide this information to you.

How will the excursion look like?

We are planning to leave early in the morning on Friday, 02.12.2022 (probably around 06:00-07:00) to Brussels by train. As it is a Friday and you may want to stay a day longer to explore Brussels, it is difficult for us to book a return ticket for a day and time that would suit all participants of the excursion. Therefore, we would like to ask you to arrange your travels from Brussels back to The Hague on your own. Our tour through the Parliament will probably end at around 14:00. We hope you can understand and it does not stop you from joining our excursion. We provided some travel options back to The Hague on Friday night below, but if you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the costs?

The costs of the excursion depend on the amount of students, but will probably be around 10-30€ + the individual travel costs back to The Hague. Before we can tell you the exact price, we have to know how many students will join the excursion. We will apply for financial support from the faculty and LUGO and can only calculate the final costs per person after that. We are very sorry for not being able to indicate a more accurate number, but as mentioned before, this is due to the uncertainty with the group size, which we do not know by now. Please excuse this inconvenience, but we hope for your understanding.

We are thrilled to go on an excursion to the EP and would be happy if you join!


If you are interested, please fill out this sign up form by Tuesday, 01.11.2022 18:00. You will also be asked to give more information on your full name, date of birth, nationality and National ID/Passport number since this is needed to fully register us as visitors at the EP. Your data will be handled confidentially. Please be aware that the sign up is binding (for planning reasons of the parliaments visitor center and ticket purchasing reasons)!

If you have any questions regarding the event,don’t hesitate to contact us here Contact Us.

For more info, check the below document

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Surfing Lessons

5th November

Hello everyone, GOSSA is excited to announce an upcoming surfing event!🏄‍♀️ On November 5th at 12:00, Hart Beach will provide us with a 50-minute surfing lesson. The price for this lesson is 25€ and includes the surfboard and wetsuit. The meeting point for the event will be at Hart Beach (Strandweg 3, Scheveningen). We cannot wait to see you there and catch some waves!🌊

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