Past Events 2022-2021

Academy Tour with Rutger Bregman

Alumni Event

GOSSA had organised an Alumni event to give the current students a chance to understand what they can expect after completion of the course. We had invited alumni from various sectors ranging from consultancies to advisors at the municipality.

It was an interactive session and the students did not only learn a lot but also developed their network for better job opportunities after the course

Beach Volley

GOSSA organised a lovely beach volley tournament on the 10th of June at Scheveningen Beach, we had teams that registered from Msc Industrial Ecology as well. In total, we had 12 teams. The games went on for 3 hours and at the end, the winners received a lovely gift hamper from GOSSA

Other events

  • Scavenger Hunt The Hague

  • Beach day

  • GOSSA birthday

  • KIKI Hagen college tour

  • Bike Ride to Het Greetje

  • Drinks

  • PhD event

  • Language buddy programme (ft. IESA Shift)

  • Clothes Swap

  • Christmas cookie baking workshop

  • Trip to De Zandmotor

  • Advent Challenger

  • Panel Discussion in Association with PINK!

  • day 2021

Special thanks to Paula, Monica & Tom for their wonderful pictures!