GOSSA Board II (2021-2022)

GOSSA Board II consists of a close-knit group of three second-year and three first-year students. Their aim is to make the year 2021-2022 inspiring and fun for all Governance of Sustainability students, despite any challenges that they may face due to lockdowns and online learning. A major goal is to quickly develop GOSSA into a real, official, and professional study association which can foster a strong GofS community for years to come.

Annemiek de Looze


"Running from association meetings to faculty meetings while setting up agendas and emailing (new) partners, my goal this academic year is to put GOSSA on the map within and outside the university. Luckily, we have an amazing team this year and as chair, I can (and should more often!) delegate some of these tasks ;-)"

Lotte van Rossum


"Looking after the money of the association is a big responsibility, but a lot of fun! I’m always looking at what we can do to give our members a great experience, through for example discounts on events, as well as build the future of the association and provide for future members."

Sander ten Caat


"My goal is to make GOSSA a well-established study association, loved by students, fellow associations and other partners. For that, we need structure! As secretary, I try to keep my amazing board members from drowning in the flood of tasks and meetings while helping to organise events wherever I can. Now I only have to find a way to keep myself afloat..."

Sai Sanjith

Social Events Manager

"Bringing individuals together to assist each other, develop and having fun is what motivated me to take up this part, GOSSA has been a superb encounter for me, I have gained vast knowledge and hope to do a lot for the improvement of GOSSA and its members"

Inga Franke

Academic/Career Manager

"Organising academic events, my goal is to create engaging and inspiring activities to expand our members academic knowledge of sustainability related topics and of potential career opportunities. Events like college tours or panel discussions with politicians, members of the Parliament, PhD candidates or fellow students are not only fun but also help students building a network."

Elvire Alexandrowicz

Communications Manager

"As a communications manager, my role is to inform our members on what we are up to. From the great events organised with the board, to the association's life and communication with members through social medias and newsletters, I am very happy to contribute to GOSSA's community!"

GOSSA Board I (2020-2021)

Lotte van Rossum (treasurer), Sander ten Caat (secretary), Annemiek de Looze (chair)